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A Good Resolution To Your Divorce

Discussions of family law issues like divorce or child custody are often couched in terms of conflict. With the breakup of a marriage or disputes involving children, emotions can be raw. Individuals may want to ‘win’ at any cost.

The truth is, approaching divorce in this way can result in ongoing conflict and resentment that damages everyone involved, leaving no ‘winners’ and only bruised and battered participants.

It doesn’t have to be this way. At Susan DiGirolamo Attorney at Law, Susan can help you to negotiate a settlement of the issues involved with your divorce without going to court.

Working Through The Collaborative Divorce Process

Much of Susan’s practice is focused on the helping clients with the Collaborative Divorce Process. She has successfully used the process to assist clients with many of the issues involved in negotiating custody, support and divorce matters.

Experienced Mediation Services

Susan is a trained mediator and has years of experience mediating family law disputes. She can help you and your spouse to make the decisions needed to move toward a more peaceful future for your family.

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