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Distributing Complex Marital Estates Privately

No one wants the details of their divorce made public, but this can be especially problematic for people with a high net worth. In these cases, keeping the division of assets private may be a primary concern. One way to resolve this issue is to use mediation to keep your financial matters out of the public eye.

Attorney Susan DiGirolamo understands your desire for privacy in your divorce. She has over 25 years of divorce experience and has represented clients such as doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, accountants and other professionals. She will treat your case with the care it requires to keep the details private. Join her in a free 30-minute video or phone conference to discuss how mediation may work for your unique needs.

What Are The Advantages Of Mediation For High-Asset Matters?

The confidentiality of the mediation process is a primary benefit for people with considerable assets. Unlike a traditional divorce, there is no public record created with the parties’ financial disclosure documents.

Control over the timing of the process is also beneficial to people who choose mediation. Meetings are scheduled at your convenience rather than by court order. The pace of the process will be established to meet your family’s needs.

The court system is able to decide only matters within their statutory jurisdiction. In mediation, the parties, with the help and facilitation of the mediator, can make agreements about all of the issues of concern to them. This can be helpful for couples with complex financial issues, including the need to divide:

  • Businesses
  • Partnerships
  • Professional practices
  • Sophisticated investments or trusts
  • Real estate and investment property
  • Art, jewelry and other valuable collections
  • Retirement accounts, pensions, etc.

In cases involving these types of assets, creative, strategic solutions may be necessary to avoid affecting complex tax planning or business relationships. When appropriate, Susan works with financial experts, appraisers, business valuators and other experts to determine how best to divide sophisticated assets.

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