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Who is a good candidate for Collaborative divorce?

On Behalf of | May 24, 2022 | Collaborative Divorce |

Making plans for a divorce can feel overwhelming and stressful. Whether you asked for the divorce or not, the process may seem complex.

Getting a divorce does not need to be the conflict-laden struggle you may see others experience. Collaborative divorce offers an option if you are willing to work together respectfully so that you and your spouse can move into the next chapter of your lives.

Here are some characteristics of good candidates for Collaborative divorce that may help you to decide if the Collaborative Process might be suitable for your situation.

You want an outcome that benefits you both

Collaborative divorce offers a respectful and efficient option for people willing to work together to resolve the issues surrounding their divorce. Each of you will have an attorney with you at every meeting to support you in the negotiation process. Collaborative divorce means being willing to negotiate and work together to find a mutually beneficial outcome for the entire family.

You are willing to be transparent

The Collaborative Process involves sharing financial information voluntarily. This avoids unnecessary time and cost involved in struggles to gather information. A valid Marriage Settlement Agreement in Pennsylvania requires full and fair disclosure of all relevant financial information. When both parties cooperate in providing this information, the focus can be on finding the best way to maximize resources for each party and for the family as a whole.

You understand your child needs both parents

If you and your spouse are parents, you will still need to work together for the foreseeable future. Even after your children become adults, they will likely still look to both of you for advice and support.

When you choose a Collaborative divorce, you begin a new way of working together to create a healthy environment for yourselves and your children.

While Collaborative divorce is not ideal for everyone, it should still be considered as an option for people who want to end their marriage in a reasonable and thoughtful way.