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Collaborative divorce could be better for the kids

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2022 | Collaborative Divorce |

You understand that your divorce will impact your kids, and one of your primary goals during this process may be to provide them with stability and security. One practical way to do this is through a shared co-parenting plan — a custody arrangement in which the two parents will work together to raise their kids and provide as much continuity of lifestyle as possible after a divorce. Co-parenting can be challenging for two divorced parents, but approaching your divorce with respect and transparency can lay the foundation for success in these efforts.

The Collaborative Divorce Process will allow you to avoid litigation and the stress associated with a complex legal battle. By choosing the Collaborative Divorce Process, you may also be able to reach terms in a co-parenting plan that make the most sense for your family. Evidence suggests that collaboration leads to better post-divorce parenting.

What is a collaborative divorce?

The Collaborative Divorce Process involves two spouses working together with highly trained professionals, to negotiate settlement terms that are crafted specifically for their situation.  For families that include children, the Collaborative Process provides professional support that considers emotional and financial aspects of all decisions that affect the children.

Collaborative divorce will keep you, your financial information, and your kids, out of court, leading to less stress and turmoil for the entire family. A co-parenting plan created during a Collaborative divorce will also encourage more cooperation between parents, providing stability for the kids and a chance to create a plan that is meaningful for you and applicable to your unique family circumstances.

Facing an uncertain future

Your children’s relationships with you, your spouse, and extended family may be affected by your divorce. While there may be things you cannot control, the Collaborative Process gives you the professional support you need to create a strong future for you and your kids. The Collaborative Divorce Process is designed to help you create a sustainable co-parenting plan that will benefit your kids for the rest of their lives.