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The calculation of your settlement in a Collaborative Divorce

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The Collaborative divorce process uses interest-based negotiation. This means that you and your spouse will be asked to think about what is most important to you both during the divorce process and in the future. Collaborative professionals focus on your hopes and dreams for the future, as well as any concerns you have about the divorce process itself. In order to create the very best possible outcomes, some things you will want to consider include:

  • How to enjoy parenting time with your children
  • How you will maintain financial stability during and after the divorce
  • Financial goals for yourself and your children
  • Relationships with extended family members
  • Plans for the future, including retirement

Factual information regarding assets and liabilities, retirement plans, investment strategies, business arrangements, and work schedules will be gathered at the beginning of the process. Your professional team will help you and your spouse determine options for settlement.

What will be in your divorce settlement?

If you have children, you will work with your Collaborative coach as well as your attorneys to determine how your children can be cared for in a way that is best for them considering the parents’ needs and other obligations, including work schedules. Some issues that may be addressed are: where the children will attend school; how transportation to two households will work; participation in extracurricular activities; how holidays, birthdays and other special occasions will be celebrated; and how vacations and travel will be planned.

If you are close to retirement or in retirement, you may have concerns about maintaining the lifestyle you have enjoyed. Your Collaborative team can help you to consider your options and determine how best to accomplish your goals. Distribution of assets and liabilities will be considered in tandem with sources of income to creatively fashion a financial plan that is tailored to your family’s specific needs.

There may be a lot to consider, but fortunately, there is help and support readily available that can assist you with implementing these factors into your financial plans. Your decision to use the Collaborative divorce process can put you on the path to a bright future for you and your family.